Co2 Quality


CO2 Quality

As we design our plants to remove almost all impurities, even up to PPB (parts per billion) levels, High-Purity Liquid CO2 is produced, which surpasses ISBT (International Society for Beverage Technologists) standards. High Density Dry Ice is produced from this High Purity Liquid CO2, which has low-evaporation rate and can be stored for longer duration. This ensures extended inventory holding period and reduces transit losses leading to substantial reduction in distribution costs.

World-Class Service

We offer state of the art CO2 recovery plants at best price, with unmatched after- sales service.

Environment-Friendly & Sustainable plants

Our plants are environment friendly and are designed for zero-discharge as water used in them can be re-used in the main plant processes. No harmful chemicals are used for processing, thereby negating the requirement of ETP. Our plants do not just reduce emission; they generate revenue from effluents by creating a sustainable and valuable business vertical.

Product Portfolio

Punjab Carbonic India Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of optimum quality plants and equipment that find wide application in various sectors. Our products include:

Co 2  Production Plant
Diesel Fired Based Carbon Di-Oxide Production Plant
Natural Gas Based Carbon Di-Oxide Production Plant
Bio Mass Based Carbon Di-Oxide Production Plant
Charcoal Fired Based Carbon Di-Oxide Production Plant

Co 2  Stack Gas Recovery System
Co 2  Recovery Plant

Distillery Based Co 2  Recovery Plant
Natural Source Based Co 2  Recovery Plant
Industrial Source Based Co 2  Recovery Plant

Co 2  Recovery System
Brewery Based Co 2  Recovery System

Co 2  Revert Recovery System for Dry Ice Machines
Co 2  Storage And Cryogenic Tank

Vacuum Insulated Storage Tanks (Co 2 , N 2 , O 2 )
PUF Insulated Co 2  Tanks
Portable Co 2  Tanks
Transportation Co 2  Tanks
ISO Tank Container

Co 2  Dosing System for Water Neutralization
Dry Ice Machines

25 Kg/hr Dry Ice Pelletizer
Dry Ice Block

Co 2  Production Accessories
Vaporizers & Evaporators
Co 2  Dryers
Control Panels
Combined Hot and Cold Tank
Co 2  Testing Bench
Cooling Towers

Co 2  Cylinder Filling System
Co 2  Filling Machine
Co 2  Filling Pump
Co 2  Filling Manifold
Co 2  Transfer Pump
Ethylene Oxide Filling Station

Dry Ice Blasting Machine
Industrial Refrigeration Unit

Industrial Liquefaction System For Ammonia

Water Chiller
Reciprocating and Screw Impeller
Heat Exchanger