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CO2 Recovery Plant

CO2 is a by-product in most distilleries / breweries, fertilizer industries, natural wells, chemical industries etc. As CO2 creates atmospheric pollution, affecting the world, CO2 recovery plants reduce emission, thus making a better world for everyone. This plant generates precious revenues for the industry and creates value for business. CO2 is used in varied applications: Beverages, Breweries, Fertilizers, Welding, Super Critical Extraction, Foundry, Fire extinguisher, Chemical Industries, etc. Solid CO2, which is known as Dry Ice, can be produced in CO2 recovery plants. Dry Ice is a valuable product, due to its low temperature and is used in varied industries like Airline Catering, Pharmaceuticals, Meat Packing, and Fisheries etc.

Parameters Specified
Acetaldehyde <0.2 ppm
Ammonia <2.5 ppm
Carbon Monoxide <1.0 ppm
Methanol <1.0 ppm
Moisture <10 ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide <2.5 ppm
Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX) <2.5 ppm
Appearance of Solid CO2 (snow) No foreign appearance
Odor of Solid CO2 (snow) No foreign odour
Appearance in water No Colour or turbidity
Taste & Odour in water No foreign taste & odour
Non-Volatile Residue 10 ppm w/w max.
Non Volatile Organic Residue 5 ppm w/w max
Total Sulphur <0.1 ppm
*Sulphur dioxide <1.0 ppm
Aromatic Hydrocarbon not more than 0.020 ppm Total
Volatile Hydrocarbon as Methane
Not more than 50ppm of which
Not more than 20ppm is non-methane

Specifications of CO2 produced in our plant

Lowest OPEX

We supply CO2 recovery plants, on turn-key basis including equipment- design, fabrication, and installation and commissioning. Our equipment design is world-class, resulting in lowest OPEX (Operating Expenditure). Apart from the low power consumption, which is amongst the lowest in the world; the steam consumption is also negligible, thus making production cost very low. These plants are durable; PLC- controlled and requires minimum man-power for plant operations. We offer either rotary or reciprocating compressors, according to customer's requirements, as we incorporate tailor-made design for each and every client.

World-Class Service

We offer state of the art CO2 recovery plants at best price, with unmatched after- sales service.