Punjab Carbonic Private Limited

Punjab Carbonic, the market leader in India for CO2 recovery plants, was established in 1994. We supply CO2 recovery plants on turn-key basis, including equipment design, fabrication, supply, installation and commissioning. Our CO2 recovery plants have world-class equipment design, due to which produce High Purity Liquid CO2 is produced in these plants. Punjab Carbonic offers end-to-end solutions in CO2 recovery plants, right from design to marketing, with tailor-made options for each and every client. We have in-house design team with expertise offering processes to remove all impurities, even upto ppb levels.

Due to the high quality, our plants are the first Indian-designed CO2 plants based on fermentation, approved by Coca-Cola, Pepsi India and global beer majors. We are completely professionally managed company with category experts handling all spheres of the domain independently.

We have installed the largest capacity of CO2 plants in India, with an installed capacity of more than 330000 MT per annum. The plants have been installed with foot prints across the India, which are running at their optimum capacities.

To know more about us please visit us at www.punjabcarbonic.com

On Time Delivery

We ship the material 24/7 wtih the largest distribution fleet for CO2 in India hence delivery is alwasys on time.

State of the Art Product

Our CO2 surpasses ISBT(International Society for Beverage Technologist) standards.

Team Of Professionals

We have a team of dedicated professionals with never-say-die attitude. We follow the moto "We Can, We Will".

Country wide Presence

We have plants accross the Country, catering to clients across length and breadth of India.