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We have in-house expertise for complete feed-gas analysis , equipment design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of CO2 recovery plants from Distilleries, Breweries, Fertilizers, Hydro-carbon cracking etc.

Our modern designed plants are tested in our workshop to secure high quality, flexible installation and minimal maintenance facilities. The plant is operated via a user-friendly and PLC designed interface. A comprehensive supervision is provided during erection, installation and commissioning.

Highlights of CO2 recovery plants from Punjab Carbonic Private Limited are:

Environment-friendly design and hence we provide zero-discharge plants

Completely PLC based operational plants, which can be hooked through SCADA.

Best-in-class energy efficient. We guarantee an unmatched low-power consumption.

Cost effective modular design.

Low installation cost

User-friendly, fully automatic operation

Standardized solutions with proven reliability
Unmatched after-sales-service

Punjab Carbonic Private Limited has an extensive experience in supplying CO2 storage tanks and CO2 mobile tankers.

We provide a complete solution in supplies of CO2 vessels including design and fabrication. All the storage tanks have in-built tele-metry system for remote access of inventory. The inventory can be accessed using mobile-technology or through dedicated servers using the internet.


We provide Dry Ice machines, with a very low CO2 to Dry Ice conversion ratio. These machines are PLC-controlled, which provide number of pieces produced in a given time and the quantity produced etc. This data can be fed to a computer to have remote access of this data.


Punjab Carbonic Private Limited offers various types of analysis and test equipment for testing and determining the quality and purity of the CO.


We supply a range of vapour-condensing refrigeration system. These are completely automated based on proven designs, secured against overload and excessive CO2 temperatures.


We supply Cylinder Filling Manifolds, with high-speed pumps with filling capacities of 1000 kgs/hour. These are complete with Pressure Cut-off switch, temperature and pressure gauges and are sturdy enough to long many years of usage.